The Balkanization of Europe


There is no doubt that the crisis of overall Christian civilization today has come to a head and that it is  being rent asunder by declarative democratism, "crawling fascism" (Chomsky), neo-Christianity, pseudo-mysticism, usurious humanism, Christian fundamentalism and historic anachronism. In this century alone that crisis has featured genocides of the Armenians (1.5 million in 1915), Greeks (500,000 from 1914-22), Serbs (1.5 million from 1941-45) and Jews (6 million in World War II). It is at the time of this crisis that the so-called "Serbian question" is being addressed as the 20th century draws to a close: the Serbs are subjected to economic, cultural, biological, humanitarian and media genocide for the sake of profitocracy and Eurocracy.

In the war the Catholics from Croatia and the Moslems from Bosnia are waging (against the Serb, 1991-1993), the Serbs are being denied the right to self-determination and in fact their existence of Serbs in the territory of Dalmatia as the most numerous population there, and the ancient Pope Pius II shows them as the only population in the territory of Slavonia (on the Europa Orientale map, 1502). It is no less important to stress that in Bosnia and Herzegovina (designated by foreign maps as the "Duchy of St. Sava") live Serbian people of Catholic, Moslem and Orthodox rites -- the latter as the majority population until 1967 when Tito authorized the proclamation of the Moslem nation.

Nevertheless, the European Community and the United Nations which are increasingly beginning to resemble the once discredited League of Nations are punishing the Serbian people, not allowing it, after the disintegration of the communist Yugoslavia, to realize their political personality in the mentioned territories in two states that have emerged under the new circumstances: the Republic of Serbian Krajina, in parts of Dalmatia, Croatia and Slavonia, and the Republic of Srpska (in parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Supporting some kind of a Croatian right to statehood (which Croatia acquired in 1918 without Dalmatia and Slavonia which came to be parts of it in 1933 only) or a communist national fabrication (Tito turned the Moslem religion into a national entity, although the Moslems speak Serbian, use the Serbian Cyrillic script and in the villages still celebrate Orthodox feasts) -- the new Christian world order has in fact shown its anachronous self to be nothing but a Serbophobic order of unaunthentic Christianity.

In fact, the first "ethnic cleansing" carried out by Croatia in 1991 in Slavonia (whereby it created conditions for the disposal of atomic waste in that territory and thus ingratiated itself with the  atomic lobby, in particular the German state administration), was turned by the world media into accusations against Serbs for alleged ethnic cleansing, first in Croatia and then also Bosnia.

It is hence hard to say what lies in store for the Serbian people. It can only hope that political reality and political truth will prevail and that the Euro-American humanistic ideal will definitively marginalize recidivist Black International manifestations. Indeed, by authorizing the annihilation of Serbs, Europe would demonstrate that in the short span of one , the 20th century, in addition to anti-individual communism and totalitarian Nazism it has also generated aggressive neomercantilism. Regrettably, not even educational intellectuals have been able to resist this political obsession by the Black International. The French history textbook for the IV grade of secondary school by Pierre Milles and Serge Berstein -- racially discriminates against the Serbian nation, accusing Serbs of the phenomenon of "ethnic cleansing" and the SANU (Academy of Arts and Sciences of Serbia) of the ideology of the creation of a "greater Serbia".

The satanization of the Serbs by the media is an attempt to protect the authorities of politically spent Europe. And another thing, the satanization of the Serbs, renders the xenophobia of the Croatian racial policy peripheral (did not the Italians concerned over their destiny in Dalmatia, precisely for that reason, defend themselves with the saying: Sclavi sempre, Servi forse, Croati mai), annulus the responsibility of Euro-American politics for failing to subject the Croats to a process of de-Nazification (and the 1991 war destroyed the Jasenovac memorial complex which reminds us of the bestiality of the Croatian Ustashi army and the atrocities they committed there from 1941 to 1945, as does Curzio Malaparte's horrifying description of 20 kilograms of Serbian eyes in the jar Ante Paveli} held in his cabinet), and finally, annuls the clerocratic expansionism of the president Croatian policy which  is being "introduced into Europe" by the communist general Tudjman , and all that under the guise of protecting "democracy" from "bolshevism" -- as his ideal Ante Paveli} first wrote (1939) and thereafter implemented by exercising state terrorism over the Serbs.

We went to believe that the weary political mind of Europe has to give way to the heretic, but progressive humanistic mind of Europe. For, by  annihilating the Serbian population -- situated in the cradle of world culture -- Europe would not only show its tragic suicidal face but would definitively preordain itself for ending its mission by the Balkanization of Europe instead of Europeanizing the Balkans.

Namely, criticism is already being levelled against the European Community, which on USA instructions, prematurely recognized the separatist aims of Slovenia and Croatia (within the administrative borders of the Broz totalitarian, Tito-times at that) -- failing objectively to address the Serbian question. It is becoming clear to all that the thesis that, for instance, the present territory of the Republic of Serbian Krajina is Croatian historic territory, is untenable. Have not in fact the participants in this round table also pointed out that the Republic of Serbian Krajina (Military Frontiers) in which Serbs accrued for 80% of the population from 1522 to 1881. Used as a rampart to defend Europe from Turkish empire, the Serbs gave the Monarchy (which could muster 100,000 soldiers), 60,000 soldiers from Vojna Krajina alone.

The international dispersion of the Serbian nation is nothing but the resurgence of political anachronism i.e. the resurrection of Austro-Hungarian ideologues (B. Kallay and G. Andrassy) and also of Germanocentric interests (seeking as they are to gain access to the warm seas as well as to internationalize the issue of Sanjak, i.e. the region of Ra{ka) and the promotion of  Papocratic interests since the Roman Church still views the Balkans as its "Catholic province".

Understandably, by defending the truth of the "Serbian question" (which was not solved even at the end of the 19th century), Europe is defending itself from the retrograde phenomenon of Christian fundamentalism. Namely, we are now witnessing the feedback effects of the political Christianity which was instrumental in Europeanizing America, in the form of the retarded Americanization of Europe. That is why Noam Chomsky is the right when he, defending in principle US democracy, criticizes part of the American political administration for exercising "crawling fascism" over the past two decades.

Chomsky criticizes the US administration for their duplicity and disregard if facts. A case in point is the question of the territories and unification of Serbian land. It is a fact that, despite centuries of proselytism, the Serbian population has remained the most numerous population in this part of the Balkans. Moreover, as early as in 1640, De Leonardis informed the Congregation that five sixties of the population from Istamboul to Istria were Serbs. Uncritical as this observation may be, the approximate ratio will be maintained later also, so that it is no wonder that advocating the creation of the First Yugoslavia, American President Wilson rejected the London Treaty (signed by British, Russian, French and Italian representatives) but by item 11 of the so-called "Wilson's 14 Points" from 1917 guarantees the Serbs access to the sea. Today, all these and similar facts are refuted, notably the fact that in this century the Croats attacked the lives of the Serbian Orthodox people four times (1902, 1914, 1941, 1991), with the last three instances amounting to genocide.

Finally, what is it that characterizes current Euro-American action and what is it that helps us understand (but not justify) simulated political humanism? Is it perhaps that hankering of politics after perfection, namely when George Santayana criticized Europe for failing to attain the ideal of perfection in love and beauty, he was adamant in the view that is could materialize only in the new continent, as an attribute of American civilization!

And what has, in fact, happened to that civilization after the demise of the Red Empire and the possibility to democratize the overall Christian community: profitocracy and not democracy won. In one  section  of the south Slavic Balkans alone (one of the 40 hotbeds of crisis being "extinguished" by the forces of the instrumentalized UN), instead of Santayana's social harmony and the achievement of the ideal of perfection in love and beauty -- we are witnessing brutal and recidivist ritual killings of Serbs, especially in areas under UN protection. Does this not warrant the conclusion: "the Serbian question" at the end of the 20th century exposes Western Christianity as civilizational barbarianism and demonstrates that the humanistic ideal is terminally ill.



Predrag R. Dragić Kijuk